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Robert L. Bubb and Company Inc. works by referral only in the constantly changing world of compensation consulting and advanced applications of insurance.

If you would put stock in a self-aggrandizing list of educational degrees, honors, affiliations, achievements, etc. you are probably not like our clients who would neither believe in nor be impressed by the hyperbole. We can supply such information but have rarely been asked to do so.

There are roughly 100 such clients who have approximately 100 CPA’s and attorneys. Both clients and their advisors are skeptical, suspicious and not lacking in intelligence. The clients are multimillionaires . . . usually active and retired business owners.

We provide strategies and funding for:

  • Estate planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Key employee retention designs
  • Owner and executive retirement supplements

We also do policy reviews and evaluations.

References from clients and advisors are available.

34 N. Brentwood, S. 202, Clayton, MO 63105